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Between spurt Georgiev

Hein Meijer, 18-05-2011.
It has already been said that two games in one day is usually not good for the quality of the games. A number of players derailed heavily in the opening. Gate shutter Artykow was totally overruled in a classic Boezjinski game.

Silva blundered in the opening. Wiebe van der Wijk was able to go king with a simple combination. This opportunity was not wasted on him. He remained in the lead the whole game. Because Van der Wijk had time pressure Silva found it necessary to play quickly. Despite the fact that the Brazilian himself had plenty of time he played a little combination at the expense of defending his short wing.


Van der Wijk saw the combination of course and was forced to play a positional winning move ... After the lack of time the Brazilian analytically had lost but he did not bother to show fight. The local favourite was glad that his endgame technique no longer were tested after a long day of draughts. More important for the scores was Dul’s life-sized blunder.

Roel Boomstra had a small combinative threat in a position in the side game against the Mongolian. Dul overlooked the simple combination. A potentially interesting game for the audience was actually killed immediately. Boomstra took the combination won a piece and finished the game flawlessly.

The finest and most exciting game of the day was between the former world champions Gantwarg and Georgiev. Gantwarg could at some point take a 5x5 exchange after which the biggest stress would have disappeared from the board. Instead, he decided to play for a total victory to give a throw at his fifth world title. Georgiev had worked the position out in his head. Georgiev played it so that Gantwarg had to take a breakthrough to the sixth square at the expense of a piece. At first glance it looked good for white but Georgiev had considered that his catching positions and his breakthrough chances in the long white wing gave him enough possibilities. It was important that Georgiev still had 21 minutes for reflection and Gantwarg only 6 minutes in the highly complex score that had risen. Some moves later Gantwarg opened a 5 to 3 chance. Georgiev took these moves because he could take two kings this way. Gantwarg could not overcome this blow. The score still seemed defensible but under time pressure the poor white player succumbed quickly.
A beautiful and impressive victory for Georgiev. You would almost think that the old adage of "Isidore Weiss le jeu est plus fort que nous" does not apply to him.

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