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Russian bear makes Dutch lion look foolish

Hein Meijer, 26-05-2011.
Leader Georgiev and Alexander Baljakin played a not uninteresting tack game.
There was much tension but both Alexanders played strong and correct with a draw as the inevitable result.

Pursuer Ndjofang attempted to reduce the gap between him and the leader by giving Silva a fight. The opening seemed promising for him because he could use a flank attack. The Brazilian broke the attack perfectly and did not give the African chance of winning during the game.

Allan Silva

Domchev and Mogiljanski slightly attacked each other but neither of the men was seriously injured here. Amrilloew did not want to lose his high ranking against Valneris. In opening he took a small disadvantage to eliminate any possible stress, and with strong play he has capably frustrated any further efforts the Latvian made.

But there was much fighting between the former world champions Tsjizjow and Gantwarg (foto). After a well-known theoretical opening white got a flank piece on 16 and black on 35. After a hard fight peace was signed. Meurs and Getmanski also showed fight. There even was a short wing confinement on the board. In the middle game Meurs for no apparent reason opened a king move. Getmanski went king after which Pim fought for a minus draw.

Wiebe van der Wijk got a good chance to win his second victory. With strong play he gave Artykow major problems but in the end he began to falter so the Uzbek could book his fifth point.

The game of the day was the encounter between the world champion Alexander Schwarzman and Roel Boomstra, the great talent. Schwarzman and Boomstra played a Chefneux opening. At one point there was a merchant of wood on the board with which the locked Boomstra walked to flank square 16 and the black player racked flank piece 26 to 36. The result was that a very unusual and very explosive merchant of wood arose with lots of combinative twists for both players. Schwarzman could take a messy break-through at the expense of two pieces on the 31st move that have looked suspicious to the white player. After a somewhat less sharp response from the world champion Boomstra could free himself from the merchant of wood by the riot 28-23. If Schwarzman wanted to keep the white player in the merchant of wood by a tempting exchange a very nasty combination would have followed. Instead Boomstra worked himself out of the merchant of wood 2x2 exchange. He had overcome this but his long wing was severely weakened, the forced flank piece at 36 and his suddenly weak end flank piece 16 gave the attack extra threat. Both players were short of time but came Schwarzman continued to play strong and the resistance of the poor white player collapsed. Schwarzman cold-bloodedly let his flag fall when he made the time control and then completed the game with a victory.

Alexander Schwarzman

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