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Last lap a lap full of nerves

Paul Oudshoorn, 29-05-2011.
The final round in the world championship was anything but a formality. For the remaining podium places the battle was on. It was expected that especially the battle for third place would be interesting, because Schwarzman had to play against Boezjinski.

Schwarzman played his last game as reigning champion and did so in style. It was a very original fight in which he used an original and subtle strategy against the Lithuanian, who fought for what he was worth. Schwarzman’s first-rate playing tore of his defence and a difficult endgame came on the board. Schwarzman could win it in several ways, but even he could not find the right way. Boezjinski eventually reached a narrow draw.


Valneris had to play against Tsjizjow. Tsjizjow played with white and tried to crown the over hours, that he until then only seen rewarded with six plus signs (!), with a stunning two. He made it very tough on Valneris! Tsjizjow pressed and squeezed everything out of the game and even took the lead with a full piece, but again it was not enough and seventh plus sign fell to his share. If there were a prize for the most combative competitor, Tsjizjow would have received it.

Jean Marc Ndjofang had been looking forward to his meeting with Alexander Mogiljanski, which now took place, a result he had forgotten that in turn Wirny had noted some particular agenda items that occurred Jean Marc. As we know that ended in a defeat for Ndjofang and so the pressure was even greater than that he already felt. The fight against Mogiljanski was one filled with nervousness. The American played well and achieved benefits, perhaps even enough to win. But the African came up with a fright and it ended in a draw. Ndjofang took a brilliant third place and with this he now must be one of the national heroes of Cameroon and Africa. I'm very happy for him.

The game between Baljakin and Amrillaew was expected to develop along rigid patterns. This was not expected because of lack of good will from the Dutch champion, but was obvious because of the particular style that the Russian had demonstrated during this tournament. But something strange happened. Baljakin played with black and saw to his surprise, that Amrillaew played a great opening, which inevitably led to sharp play. It is unclear why the Russian did this. Perhaps Amrillaew thought that the last impression always sticks and he speculated on possible invitations for future tournaments and he distrusted the charm of the result oriented games that he had already played. Anyway, Baljakin got it nice and spectators saw what they had come for. The Dutchman was able to defeat the Russian on the flank with beautiful playing. But he did not get any further then that flank, because Amrillaew was able to deter the impending defeat with exact calculations. With this he finished second and Baljakin sixth.

With this the tournament has ended and everyone can look back on a great tournament, which was made possible by a team of top-quality people. I do not have to mention them because we all know whom I mean.

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