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Computeranalysis technics

Here you will find information about the technics that are used to analyse the draught games.

Sjende Blyn

The name "Sjende Blyn" (Frisian for "To see but be blind") was inspired by a church service where it was noted that although people see, they are often blind to see the real thing. I thought "Yes, not only people, also my draughts program: It sees many variants and understands many positions, but it blindly follows the programmed rules!"

Jelle Wiersma

Sjende Blyn won the following tournaments:

  • Computer Olympiad 2003
  • Gorredijk Open 2009
  • Open French Computer Championship 2011
  • Douai Open 2011

The Computer Olympiad of 2003 was Sjende Blyn's first computer tournament. Gorredijk Open 2009 was Sjende Blyn's first human tournament. On April 9th 2011 Sjende Blyn won the Open French Computer Championship. The next day, in the tournament of Douai (F), the computer team of Sjende Blyn, TDKing and Dam became first, before the very strong team of Ndjib (2266), Baya (2295) and Mbongo (2402) and many other strong teams.

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After spending many years improving his programs for 8x8 checkers, in 2006 Ed Gilbert turned his attention to international draughts. With a fast parallel search and the first 8-piece and partial 9-piece endgame database, his Kingsrow International has quickly become one of the strongest draughts programs, and is particularly strong at analyzing endings.

In 2010 Ed made his program available for purchase, providing the large endgame database on an external USB hard drive. There is more information about Kingsrow at this web site: http://edgilbert.org/

Understanding search results:

Kingsrow uses numeric search values to indicate its evaluation of the board position.

  • It uses the convention that positive values are good for white, negative good for black.
  • The value of a man is 1.
  • A large positive or negative value of magnitude greater than 20 indicates that Kingsrow sees a database win or database loss.
  • A value close to 40 or -40 indicates that Kingsrow sees the end of the game. The distance of the value magnitude from 40 indicates the number of plies needed to reach the end of the game. For example, a value -39,80 means that the position is a white win and the game will end in 20 plies (half moves).
  • Values of +0,01, -0,01, +0,03, -0,03, +0,05, or -0,05 indicate an endgame database draw.
  • Values of +0,07 or -0,07 indicate a draw by repetition.

Sjende Blyn

  • It uses the convention that positive values are good for white, negative good for black
  • The value of a man is 1.
  • A value close to 64 or -64 indicates that Sjende Blyn sees the end of the game with a win for white or black