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Georgiev takes a head start to his pursuers

Hein Meijer, 19-05-2011.
Fatigue seems to take its toll in this long and difficult tournament. Boezjinski oversaw a somewhat vicious king combination against Georgiev. Georgiev completed the game flawlessly.

Pursuer Baljakin got stuck with a draw against Tsjizjow. Amrilloew and Boomstra kept each other in balance. It looked a bit better for Boomstra but Amrilloew was able to reach a draw.

Ndjofang managed to blow up Artykow’s short black wing with a cunning exchange combination. Artykow still offered long fierce resistance and even reached the endgame, but still lost without a chance to Cameroonian. With this important victory, he joined the select group of pursuers behind Georgiev.

Like Ndjofang Schwarzman had his sights focused on a weak short wing. With beautiful positional playing the world champion was able to pierce Seck’s short wing.

The biggest loser of the day was former world champion Gantwarg. Opponent Silva invested a piece for a possible breakthrough in Roozenburg position of the Amsterdam version. Obviously Gantwarg is an expert on these old versions. The Brazilian probably was thinking about his winning game against Mogiljanski where he broke through at the cost of two pieces. In the Amsterdam version the breakthrough to thirty-six however has a bad smell in most variants. Gantwarg invested time to find a winning plan. Due to a terrible blunder he even lost the game.

The happiest winner of the day was the Lithuanian Domchev. Domchev had hitherto played only draws. His first victory came out a little awkward, his opponent Erdenebileg Dul put down a real one to two in a fully equal position. Dul did have minor time trouble (he had only three minutes) but a combination of two moves deep usually is only seen at school draught tournaments with children who just started playing draughts and not in a world championship....

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