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Serious errors cause a lot of decisions

Paul Oudshoorn, 24-05-2011.
In the fifteenth round there were five decisions. Although the players had had two rest days, it appeared that several defeats mainly were due to fatigue.

First Pim Meurs took benefit of a very serious error that was made by Artykov, who innocently walked into a combination through which both players could go king but Meurs could always disarm the hostile king. This happened and Meurs easily won the off play. This victory is a great boost for the Dutchman, who had only had draws so far, and then a victory is always very refreshing to the mind.

Pim Meurs


A very happy victory was Valneris’ victory over Silva. This game was very stiff for the black playing Latvian. The game type that arose after the opening left much to be desired for Valneris and Silva was not impressed at all. It was even the Brazilian, who obtained a tiny advantage, but he committed a colossal error in a position that seemed almost unable to lose. Valneris took full advantage of the opportunity he got presented and recorded his third victory in this tournament, through which he joined Baljakin and Boomstra.


Baljakin played a very exciting game with Getmanski. Both players played to win from the start. It seemed that the Dutchman would have good chances with his encirclement strategy. In reality, the position proved equal to Getmanski and Getmanski had some opportunities. The draw that followed was inevitable and a correct result.

Tsjizjow did not make it easy for Boomstra. The Russian played his beloved tack game and used his greater experience to get the Dutchman with his back against the wall. At one time many feared for the life of Boomstra, but the Dutchman kept his head admirably cool and went for a draw with a steady hand. He had to allow his opponent a plus, but that will not hurt much.

Alexei Tsjizjow

Dul blundered against Jean Marc Ndjofang today. In a slightly negative position Dul oversaw a very small combinative turn, was fatal to him. Happily Ndjofang cashed both points, because with this his position on the list can hardly get better. Together with Amrillaew he shares the second place.

Amrillaew played excellent against Boezjinski today and let us see what he can do if he wants to win. Boezjinski got tough game in the middle game by playing a weaker move at a time when they both were equal. Amrillaew immediately put considerable pressure on Boezjinski and Boezjinski became confused. Eventually Boezjinski positionally got outplayed after Amrillaew saw another combinative profit. The breakthrough, which he forced in the game, was sufficient for him to win the game.

Alexander Georgiev did not let anyone come close to him. Playing white, he defeated Seck, in fine style. Georgiev won much ground advantage and exerted great pressure on the Senegalese, despite the shrinking material. Eventually the Russian put a four to four position to profit.

With this Georgiev keeps his three points advantage to his two rivals. It seems that he will be the next world champion.

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